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Older Short Films

I love making movies. In fact, producing short films is the primary way I learned to tell stories before I began writing novels.

Below you’ll find a small selection of my older short films. Each one was a delight to make, and any small success the project had was in large part due to the cast & crew who contributed their time and talent to the project.

It’s important to watch these movies within the context of when they were made. I’m proud of each movie, but at the same time, please understand that they were produced a decade ago or longer, with minimal money, at a time where we were all learning the craft. So let’s not judge them too harshly, okay? In their own way, each project led me to the next, and helped make me the storyteller I am today.

Watch them, smile, and enjoy.

Pod Commuting (2002)

The first complete short film I made after college, Pod Commuting was a finalist in the first-ever Star Wars fan film contest. It was screened for George Lucas, and was briefly featured on the SyFy Channel as part of their TV special about the contest.

The main character is played by my brother. It’s funny to see how young he looks in this old movie!

The Singing Nightingales (2004)

This film was made as part of the 48 Hour Film Project. The contest challenged you to produce a short film within only 48 hours. Our team was given a character, a prop, and a specific line of dialogue to include in the movie. We were also randomly assigned a genre for the film.

The film won the Audience Choice and Best Acting awards in the 2004 San Francisco regional contest.

Genre: Mockumentary
Character: D. Nightingale, Singer
Prop: A dog.
Line of dialogue: “You’re in the groove, Jackson.”

The Music Within (2005)

This was an experimental short I produced where I wanted to explore the idea of merging music and magic. Years later, I expanded on that same theme in Mystic.

Milestones (2007)

Another short film that was produced as part of the 48 Hour Film Project. Like The Singing Nightingales, we were given certain requirements for the movie:

Genre: Holiday film
Character: I honestly can’t remember which character we were required to use!
Prop: A jar of coins.
Line of dialogue: I can’t remember

The film won the Best Directing award in the 2007 San Francisco regional contest.

A few months after this film was completed, I made some minor edits and renamed it Reasons to Celebrate. But I can’t find that newer version, so I’m linking to the original.