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In 2008, I filmed a short fantasy film entitled, Spectre. The project was never completed due to lack of post-production funds. But after several years, I launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for it. I’m proud to say that the campaign was a big success, and I raised over $18,000. (For some tips on how I managed this, check out my blog post on the topic.)

I am currently working with several industry professionals to complete the movie. Thank you to everyone who donated or supported the project in any way.

Spectre is about a fallen paladin who wakes up wounded on a battlefield. There he finds Spectre, a notorious sword with the ability to speak who’s responsible for much of the destruction in the land.

Having lost everything, the paladin vows to take the sword to a temple where it can be destroyed. But as he makes the long and grueling journey over land, he finds the sword is nothing like the world believes it to be.