Framed Fantasy, part 1

My wife and I recently came into possession of some new furniture which prompted us to redecorate a few parts of our house. As part of that effort, I finally got around to framing and hanging some artwork I’d had lying around.

First up, because I’m currently reading Brandon Sanderson’s upcoming novel, Mistborn: The Alloy of Law, and because I’ve been immersed in his world of Allomancers (people who can metabolize various metals to get magical effects), I thought I’d find a nice place on my wall in my office for this Allomantic Chart I got a while back. It’s like a periodoatic table of the elements, but for kick-ass Mistborn ninja-assassin…things.

The artwork was designed and created by Isaac Stewart. The poster is signed by both Brandon and Isaac. I chose a nice solid wood frame in order to bring out the warm red and brown colors in the poster.

Coming next time… A collection of rare and significant manuscript pages from early drafts of The Wheel of Time….