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Jason Denzel

2019, Edinburgh, Scotland

Jason Denzel (he/him) is a fantasy fiction writer, the author of The Mystic Trilogy, and the founder of Dragonmount, a leading online community celebrating Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time saga.

Under Jason’s leadership from 1998 until 2023, Dragonmount became a top destination for Wheel of Time related news, features, blogs, theories, games, and discussion. Jason’s knowledge and passion for the beloved series made him one of the most noted and respected voices within the fandom community.

From 2011 until 2021, Jason sat on the Board of Directors for JordanCon, an annual convention held in Atlanta which celebrates the works and spirit of the late Robert Jordan. He independently consulted on early attempts by major Hollywood studios to adapt the Wheel of Time into a film franchise, and assisted in the development of the final three Wheel of Time novels.

Before writing novels, Jason received a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Animation. This led to him studying creative screenwriting, and later into directing and producing several award-winning live-action short films.

Jason lives in Northern California where he practices Choy Li Fut kung fu, enjoys basketball, and owns a lot of swords.

He is represented by Eddie Schneider of JABberwocky Literary Agency.


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Jason Denzel

Jason Denzel

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