Stone Golem



An epic fantasy short story

“I would have wept, but I had no tears to shed. For I am
made of stone.”

The Stone Golem of Qual'Jom

An epic fantasy short story, now included in the Unfettered III anthology from Grim Oak Press.

After being summoned into existence, a stone golem reluctantly takes on the role of a servant in his master’s underground lair. But when the mysterious master leaves on a long journey, the golem begins to ponder the purpose of his  existence.

Surrounded by lonely darkness, the golem waits for his master’s return, and struggles to fulfill his duty and defend the lair.

The Stone Golem of Qual’Jom examines human nature through the stone eyes of a creature seeking to understand his role in the world.

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Unfettered III from Grim Oak Press
The Island of Moth

Golem sketch – by Kaitlund Zupanic

Opening page of the Stone Golem of Qual'Jom

Inside the Unfettered III anthology.

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