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Reddit AMA My second “Ask Me Anything” session on the /r/fantasy subreddit. July 2018

Narg the Trolloc on A fun interview in which I’m asked questions by a goat-snouted monster. January 2018

Bibliosanctum Interview A discussion about Mystic with Mogsy from Bibliosanctum. November 2015

Reddit AMA An “Ask Me Anything” session on the /r/fantasy subreddit. November 2015 | Highlights

Creative Writing Career A written Q&A with Justin Sloan, author of Creative Writing Careers. November 2015

Goodreads Q&A An on-going series of questions about writing. Feel free to submit your own! January 2015 Interview A fun interview that a staff member did with me. December 2011 Roundtable The first in a series of roundtable interviews I participated in to promote A Memory of Light, the final Wheel of Time book. December 2011

Fictitious Podcast An enjoyable conversation with Adron Buske where we discussed the Mystic Trilogy and lots of other stuff. July 2018

“Here There Be Dragons” A panel discussion I participated in at San Diego Comic-Con. The topic largely focused on writing fresh stories for modern audiences July 2018

WoT Spoilers A solid, 2-hour podcast episode in which we discuss The Wheel of Time,, and my writing. January 2018

Creative Writing Career Podcast A fun episode in which I talk about Mystic,, and other things. November 2015

Adventures in Sci-Fi Publishing, episode 180: Moses Siregar interviews me about my Letter to Robert Jordan, AMOL, and my various creative projects. December 2012

Writing Excuses, season 5, episode 17: The Writing Excuses team talks about my submission to their dialogue challenge. March 2011

4th Age Podcast, episode 93: Where I discuss Towers of Midnight, book 13 of the Wheel of Time series. October 2010

Aspiring Writers #3: “Your Villan’s Childhood” A old video podcast featuring myself and other aspiring authors. Warning: huge spoilers for one of my in-progress novels. November 2012

Movie Close-Up with Bonnie Steiger A really old video where I was featured on “Movie Close-Up”, a San Francisco based show featuring local filmmakers. We discussed my award-winning short film from the 2007 48-Hour Film Festival. August 2007