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Narg the Trolloc on A fun interview in which I’m asked questions by a goat-snouted monster. January 2018

Bibliosanctum Interview A discussion about Mystic with Mogsy from Bibliosanctum. November 2015

Reddit AMA An “Ask Me Anything” session on the /r/fantasy subreddit. November 2015 | Highlights

Creative Writing Career A written Q&A with Justin Sloan, author of Creative Writing Careers. November 2015

Goodreads Q&A An on-going series of questions about writing. Feel free to submit your own! January 2015 Interview A fun interview that a staff member did with me. December 2011 Roundtable The first in a series of roundtable interviews I participated in to promote A Memory of Light, the final Wheel of Time book. December 2011

WoT Spoilers A solid, 2-hour podcast episode in which we discuss The Wheel of Time,, and my writing. January 2018

Creative Writing Career Podcast A fun episode in which I talk about Mystic,, and other things. November 2015

Adventures in Sci-Fi Publishing, episode 180: Moses Siregar interviews me about my Letter to Robert Jordan, AMOL, and my various creative projects. December 2012

Writing Excuses, season 5, episode 17: The Writing Excuses team talks about my submission to their dialogue challenge. March 2011

4th Age Podcast, episode 93: Where I discuss Towers of Midnight, book 13 of the Wheel of Time series. October 2010

Aspiring Writers #3: “Your Villan’s Childhood” A video podcast featuring myself and other aspiring authors. Warning: huge spoilers for my in-progress Beyond the Gates of the Sky book. November 2012

Movie Close-Up with Bonnie Steiger An old video where I was featured on “Movie Close-Up”, a San Francisco based show featuring local filmmakers. We discussed my award-winning short film from the 2007 48-Hour Film Festival. August 2007