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    Just Arrived: “The Unremembered”

    by | Jan 12, 2011 | Reading

    Today the advance reading copy for Peter Orullian’s debut novel, The Unremembered, arrived at my house. I’m pretty excited about this book. It’s published by Tor Books, which is pretty awesome of course. As a matter of fact, I specifically asked the nice folks there to send me this particular book.

    I first became aware of it several months ago when the cover art (seen below) was featured on the 2011 Tor catalog. The image–by Kekai Kotaki–was so stunning to me that I instantly tracked down which book it was for. When I heard it was for a debut novel with an interesting premise, I browsed over to the author’s website, and voila!… I found myself in touch with Mr. Orullian himself. Peter is a great guy, and I instantly felt a kinship with him due to our shared lifestyles of being full-time workers in “regular” jobs, being dads, and being creative writers.

    Be sure to check out Peter’s website:, as well as his book, of course.

    The Unremembered by Peter Orullian

    The Unremembered, a debut novel by Peter Orullian


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