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    Videos for A Memory of Light

    by | May 1, 2011 | Filmmaking

    I’ve been hired to produce multiple promotional videos for A Memory of Light, the final book in The Wheel of Time series. Hooray! It’s not every day that a client offers to pay you and cover the cost of producing high-end material for the book series you love, right?

    The story behind it is that in early March I put together a comprehensive campaign proposal along with my friends and associates Brad Kane and Tess Ortbals. I phoned Tom Doherty, the publisher of Tor and pitched him the idea for a go-big-or-go-home marketing campaign to try and bring in both new readers and fire up the existing fan base. Weeks went by, and I found myself in Atlanta for JordanCon, the big WoT convention. I happened to check my voicemail when I landed and I listed to a message from the Associate Publisher saying that she and her team loved our proposal and wanted to fly me to New York to talk about the details. After a bit of shuffling and last minute airline adjustments I found myself in Manhattan pitching the idea to some of Tor’s senior team. They apparently loved it, because they’ve given us the greenlight to begin.

    The Seanchan logo

    I can’t talk about the specifics quite yet, but suffice to say that our team will have considerable more resources than we did with the Towers of Midnight book trailer.

    We’re currently in the scripting stage of development. In addition to Brad and Tess, JR Burningham (a successful commercial director) is on board to help out. This is a really strong team and I’m very pleased with the ideas we’re working on.

    I’ll post more about the project as it develops, but also be sure to watch the News feed on, and follow my twitter accounts (@dragonmount and @jasondenzel)

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    1. jquinno

      Going by The Towers of Midnight trailor I’m sure the next one for A Memory of Light will be fabulous (note that I didn’t use awesome lol. We don’t use that word over here in Ireland that much, although it is getting more and more popular 🙁 )

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