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Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser trailer

by | Nov 28, 2014 | Watching

The first teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens is here! Here’s the link to see it on YouTube, and here are some thoughts on what they show us:

Who’s narrating the teaser trailer? The voice is clearly intended tone ominous, and my first thought was that it was a Sith or other bad guy, possibly voiced by Andy Serkis, or Benedict Cumberbatch–who has been rumored to be a part of the movie. That may still be the case, but I also wonder whether that’s the voice of Luke Skywalker. Remember, actor Mark Hamill is a talented voice actor, and he’s done some iconic bad guy  voice before. (Most notably, IMO, the voice of Fire Lord Ozai from Avatar: The Last Airbender). So I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the voice of Luke, who’s living as a hermit somewhere remote. (Like a desert planet?)




I love that the first character we see for this next generation of Star Wars films is a person of color. I wonder if John Boyega (who is listed first amongst all the actors on the cast list) is actually a Storm Trooper, or just pretending to be one, much like Han and Luke did in the original 1977 film.  He looks pretty out of sorts here. Maybe he crash landed here?

Also, just a thought: the name of the movie is “The Force Awakens,” right? And the first shot we see is of one of the main characters appearing to wake up suddenly.




This shot makes me all sorts of happy. Not only is it fun and quirky, promising us that this new Star Wars film won’t lose that spirit, but we can see what appears to be some old Pod Racing engines in the background. I know the prequel series isn’t well-loved by everyone, but I think it’s important that these new films pay them tribute and treat them as important cannon. Besides, the pod racing scene was one of the cool things about The Phantom Menace.

Also, somebody on Twitter said this, which was awesome:




These next few shots of Storm Troopers remind me of the opening shots of Saving Private Ryan. Even though we can’t see their emotions on their faces, they seem ready and determined.


Blaster upgrades! Maybe these new Storm Troopers won’t miss as often?



I wonder where they’re landing? We have no idea, of course, but it would be cool to see something like Coruscant again.



Daisy Ridley, everyone! I’m amazed at how much this young woman looks like Natalie Portman. And she has a strong Skywalker vibe about her in this shot and the next one.  If she doesn’t turn out to be Han and Leia’s daughter, I’ll feel cheated.  Either way, I’m looking forward to seeing her character.



More evidence that Daisy’s character takes after her maternal grandfather, a certain Anakin Skywalker.



This guy isn’t Wedge, but man, he sure has that look.  This pilot is wearing the old Rebel Alliance logo, but I like how it’s especially beat up and painted. I wonder what the red signifies?





X-Wings! Still the coolest ships in the Star Wars Universe. (Other than the Millennium Falcon, of course).  Not sure which planet they’re on here.



A new Sith! (Or possibly Luke, gone to the Dark Side, but I doubt that).  What I especially love is that this triple-lightsaber’s blades aren’t as clean as other lightsabers we’ve seen before. Look at the edge of the blade. Notice how it’s rough and torn up? Very nice touch.

Also of note: this Sith is stumbling through the woods. Could he also have been recently awoken? The final part of the voice-over says that both the Dark and Light side will awaken.



I’ll admit it: this energetic shot of the Millennium Falcon flying brought a tear to my eye. How can you not grin like crazy seeing it back like this?  I wonder who’s flying it though? My personal guess is that if Han has a daughter, she’s likely to want to take it for a joy ride.

Some people have pointed out that the Falcon has some modifications. I think this is great. It’s been 30 years, so of course they’re going to keep fixing that ol’ hunk o’ junk.



I’ve got a good feeling about this film. I cannot wait.


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