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The Wind Through the Keyhole

by | Apr 24, 2012 | Reading

The Wind Through the Keyhole

The Dark Tower cycle by Stephen King is one of my favorite series of fantasy novels. It’s edgy, hard to swallow, and even flawed in several ways. But overall it remains a superb saga that touches on some great themes.

Mr King recently released a new novel set in that same world, and I had the chance to review it for

At its heart, The Wind Through the Keyhole is a fable that ignites your love for those deep-and-true stories we all know. Die-hard Tower fans will surely find an abundance of backstory and revealed truths for intriguing characters like the Man in Black (aka Walter aka Randall Flagg), and Maerlyn the mage to be interesting. I imagine the various Dark Tower fan sites and wikipedias will have a filed day with all the juicy hints Mr. King laces throughout.

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